Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

Memorable Memories Made Simple:

Discover the Techniques to 10X Your Memory Skills in Just 24 Hours!


Mega Memory Training Program Singapore by 6x World & National memory Record Holder, Sancy Suraj. For this memory training course, you will learn the following:

1. Learn 7 Memory Strategies That Work for Both Personal and Professional Information Retention

2. Become a Name Master: Never Forget Clients’ and Acquaintances’ Names Like a Memory Expert

3. Learn the Simplest Technique for Remembering Important Dates and Financial Digits

4. Guaranteed Appointment Management: Never Miss Work or Personal Commitments Again

5. Boost Focus and Concentration: Discover the Secrets Used by Memory Competitors and Wall Street Traders

6. Strategies for Locating Daily Objects: Keys, Glasses, Doors, and Cars Made Unforgettable

7. Learn How to Transfer Information from Short-Term to Long-Term Memory

8. The Impact of Diet on Memory: Optimal Nutrition for a Sharp Mind, Foods to Eat and Avoid

9. Age-Proof Your Memory: Easy Ways to Minimize Memory Deterioration as You Get Older

10. 5 Minutes a Day for 30 Days: Transform Your Memory and Increase Recall Tenfold

11. Master the Art of Memorizing Meeting Agendas for Maximum Engagement

12. Remember What You Read: Simple Strategies to Retain and Recall Information from Texts


Date & Time: TBA, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: S$889.97 (NO GST)

Location: Live Online Learning with Instructor

Max Class Size: 12

Be Personally Trained by a 6x World & National Memory Record Holder.

Register NOW & Get 1 YEAR ACCESS To Our Online Memory Mastery Course Worth $1899.97 for FREE.


    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Greetings from Sancy Suraj! I was born and brought up in the sunny island of Singapore, where my pretty good memory flourished.

    My Qualifications:

    In 2011, I proudly represented Singapore at the World Memory Championships, where I astonished the crowd with my extraordinary memory skills. During this prestigious event, I memorized 176 abstract images in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes, 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 51 names and faces in 15 minutes, and 460 binary digits in 30 minutes.

    In 2011, I proudly claimed the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized. Within a mere 5 minutes 20 seconds, I committed 160 colours to memory and flawlessly recited them, showcasing the power of my mnemonic abilities.

    The Singaporean record for pi memorization and recitation is mine to claim. In a display of mental fortitude, I memorized and flawlessly recited 1505 digits in just 30 minutes, leaving the audience in awe of my memory capabilities. This remarkable accomplishment was made possible through the support of RedBull and GNC.

    Pinnacle Minds, the memory training company I established in 2011, has had a profound impact on over 40,000 adults & students. Through our dynamic workshops, comprehensive courses, and engaging lectures, we have empowered them with the skills to enhance their memory capacity.

    Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working alongside over 100 companies, including well-established entities like Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore, Maybank, United Overseas Bank, Mapletree Investment, GIC, and Nasdaq.

    You can discover my book in prestigious stores including Apple BooksBarnes & Noble.

    Memory Course Testimonials

    “I’m incredibly thankful for Sancy’s memory techniques. They are remarkably straightforward, yet they have had a profound impact on my memory capabilities. Remembering names, which used to be a challenge, is now a skill I excel at.”

    “Master Sancy’s teachings on memory work have made a world of difference for me. He breaks down complex concepts into manageable parts, making it easy to understand and implement. Thanks to his simple techniques, memory work has become an essential tool in my day-to-day work and living.”

    “Sancy’s teachings on memory empowerment were absolutely fascinating and immensely valuable. Acquiring strong memory skills is essential for excelling in any field, and it holds even greater significance in my line of work. Thank you, Sancy, for empowering me with this important skill!”

    If you need any help or have inquiries, feel free to contact me, your trainer.

    Give me a call during office hours at +65 6714 6663

    or send an email to outside office hours

    Embark on a memory-boosting journey! Register today for Mega Memory Training Program Singapore and receive 1 year access to 8 online memory courses valued at $1899.97!

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 1: Unlock the secrets to efficient speech memorization with a guided step-by-step technique.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 2: Unlock the secrets to rapid presentation memorization and confident noteless delivery.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 3: Unlock the secrets to never forgetting names using proven scientific memory techniques.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 4: How to Remember More of What You Read: Develop efficient techniques to enhance memory retention before, during, and after reading.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 5: The Method of Loci Mastery Blueprint Course: Unlock the secrets to efficient memorization of large chunks of information.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 6: Unlock the secrets to effortless memorization of general knowledge facts with effective techniques.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 7: Unlock the secrets to lightning-speed memorization of foreign languages with effective techniques.

    Mega Memory Training Program Singapore

    Course 8: Unlock the secrets to effortless memorization of a shuffled deck of cards with effective techniques.

    “Mr. Sancy, with his impressive list of accomplishments, remains a humble yet impactful speaker. We express our sincere appreciation for the inspiring lunchtime talk you provided. The memory improvement techniques you shared were met with awe and delight by both guests and trainers, captivating their attention. Your creative and interactive facilitation approaches ensured our guests remained intellectually engaged throughout the session. Let’s raise three cheers for Sancy and his outstanding five-star lunchtime talk!”

    “Pinnacle Minds presents an engaging and effective memorization technique that is both captivating and unique. Allow me to convey my message to the speaker, Sancy: “You were amazing! Your presentation was excellent, and your imagination brought a delightful sense of humor. You made the memorization techniques so much more exciting and livelier. In fact, right after your valuable sharing, I immediately started working on a new lesson delivery approach. Thanks to you, I now begin my lesson delivery (especially for theory modules) on a great note these days.” “Thank you very much for making such an impact on me, and I hope to cross paths with you again in the near future!””

    “Embark on a captivating journey at this event, where a memory expert shares invaluable techniques to improve memory capability through neuroplasticity. Engaging in hands-on practice, participants find the session thought-provoking and enjoyable. With its impeccable organization, gastronomic delights, intriguing topics, and interactive engagements with the trainer, this event comes highly recommended for other Nasdaq offices.”

    “Sancy’s brilliant and exceptional delivery of the material made the lunchtime talk a delightful and easily understandable session. By integrating his inventive memorization techniques into the exercises he crafted, the content instantly became more applicable and valuable to us. The knowledge we obtained from his talk has established a strong basis for us to progress in enhancing our memory.”

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